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Licensure Portability for occupational and physical therapists in Telerehabilitation in the USA

What are the models of PT and OT licensure portability in the USA

1. Mutual Recognition Compacts — This model is similar to being able to use a driver’s license issued in one’s own state in other states that have a legal agreement with this state.

2. Expedited License— This is a uniform application and credential verification that is stored and sent to the state that the license is required for.

3. Limited License— this will grant a license to an OT or PT in each state that will be limited in scope to the practice of telehealth across state lines.

4. National License— The OT and PT profession will be administered at the national level and based on a universal standard.

5. Federal Pre-emption— the federal government will grant licensure for inter-state practice of telerehabilitation.