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Are musculoskeletal problems in Parkinson’s disease neglected

Parkinson’s disease – PD patients do not receive adequate treatment for musculoskeletal problems. This was the conclusion reached by Kim YE et al. from the Department of Neurology and Movement Disorder Center, Parkinson Study Group, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

The researches found the prevalence of musculoskeletal problems was significantly higher in the Parkinson disease (PD) group compared to controls. However these musculoskeletal problems in the PD group tended to receive less treatment than that of the control group despite PD patients having a higher prevalence than in the controls.

Telerehabilitation in the UK a solution for timely access to physiotherapy

Writing in the January edition of the BMJ  Dr Salisbury – professor of primary healthcare and his colleagues Dr. Hall – lead for outpatient physiotherapy and Dr.Foster – professor of musculoskeletal health in primary care show that telephone assessment and advice services for patients with musculoskeletal problems is as clinically effective as usual care and provides faster access to physiotherapy. Therefore tele rehabilitation has the potential of providing timely access to physiotherapy (a problem in the National Health Service (NHS). In the UK General practitioners refer about 1.23 million patients for physiotherapy each year in the U.K. The referrals are mostly for lower limb, back, upper limb and cervical pain, respectively.