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Unraveling the `black box of physical rehabilitation’

How to support professionals to better understand the effective components of inpatient and outpatient physical rehabilitation programmes after acquired brain injury. In addition how out-patient group rehabilitation programmes  and physical and occupational therapy gives brain injury patients the tools they need to change their everyday lives and integrate new routines and habits that contribute to improvements in their everyday lives. These points are discussed by Lexell EM et al. from Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Skåne University Hospital , Lund , Sweden in Brain Injury, 05/07/2013.


Reducing the risk of impairment of body structure and function in CP patients

Published in Clinical Rehabilitation, 03/06/2013 Rodby-Bousquet E and team from Department of Orthopaedics, Lund University, Skåne University Hospital, Lund, Sweden show that the Posture and Postural Ability Scale could reliably detect postural asymmetries in adults with cerebral palsy. The adults were cerebral palsy patients aged 19-22 years with levels I-V of the Gross Motor Function Classification System. Postural asymmetries are thought to lead to impairment of body structure and function such as muscle imbalance, gait asymmetry and possible chronic conditions therefore clinicians should include postural assessment as part of their routine evaluations in an effort to achieve postural symmetry and reduce the risk of chronic conditions associated with impairment of body structure and function in CP patients.