Motor cortex

Motor cortex (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The two major objectives in stroke, and brain and spinal cord clinic physical rehabilitation is to shorten the time to discharge from rehab institution and improve movement ability outcome.  With this in mind, I would like to discuss MediTouch HandTutor, LegTutor and ArmTutor and  tele-rehabilitation. Tele-rehabilitation holds the potential of decreasing hospital stay and allowing the patient to continue less expensive rehabilitation in the community.
A hospital or specialized rehabilitation facility will also be able to broaden its patient catchment ability by reaching patients further a field through tele-rehabilitation and compete against other clinics in the more immediate community location of the patient.

MediTouch is in partnership with International renowned rehabilitation hospitals are addressing the above issues of reducing hospital in-patient rehabilitation expenses and secondly giving the clinic and community based physical and occupational therapy departments access to physcial therapy solutions and physical therapy products that can be used in the patients own home as well as in the clinic.
MediTouch Tutor devices have been described as “invisible” in terms of technology and we are NOT introducing a new rehabilitation method but instead offer an avenue where the OT and PT and physiotherapist can conduct a rehabilitation session on-line using a webcam and tailor exercise practice to the patients movement ability. The technology also allows the patient to remain motivated in order to undertake intensive exercise practice between PT/ OT sessions.
The tele-rehabilitation sessions can be supervised by either community PT/ OT or hospital based PT/ OT services.

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