Physiotherapy Practice for Stroke Rehabilitation in the UK

Does telling a patient to to be aware of their movements and their performance (internal focus) reduce automaticity and hinder learning and retention in stroke patients?
This question was posed by Johnson L et al from stroke Services, Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Trust, and Royal Bournemouth Hospital, United Kingdom in Physical Therapy, 04/19/2013.
The team aimed to design an experimental study examining the impact of focus of attention on learning post stroke. In order to do this the physiotherapists took video recordings of physiotherapy sessions and analyzed the data for external focus – physical therapists giving guidelines and feedback on performance and internal focus, the – physical therapist telling the patient to think about their movement.
The MediTouch system uses extrinsic feedback – external focus and guidelines during LegTutor open and closed chain customized exercise practice.

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