Waiting time for TKR and THR in Canada

Staistics published in Canadian Medical Association Journal CMAJ and using statistics from the Canadian Institute for Health Information Research  (CIHI) (CIHR) looks at waiting times for hip and knee replacement surgery along with hip fracture repair, is Canada. Total hip and knee surgery is a priority procedure in Canada with a targeted wait time of 182 days.

It’s a complicated problem,” says Kathleen Morris, director of health system analysis and emerging issues at CIHI. Although there are more procedures performed year on year the provinces aren’t keeping up with rising demand. “They’re chasing a moving target because there’s an increasing number of people queuing up [for treatment].”, The report acknowledges that each province came from a different starting point regarding health care. Morris says that the provinces have done a lot of work recently to improve access., “The feeling that most of us have is that we’re getting close to the maximum efficiency we can have while still being safe,” says Dr. James Waddell, an orthopedic surgeon at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Ontario said that the wait time may also be due to some patients waiting for a particular surgeon with a great reputation for the elective surgery.



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