LegTutor meets goals of in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation following a Total Knee Replacement

A physical therapy programme following Total Knee Replacement will typically last 3 months and is the key compliment to ensure a successful outcome to allow the patient to regain mobility and return to a full and active lifestyle.
Compliance with the exercise programme designed to increase ROM, especially in extension and improve strength and control of the knee will therefore  improve surgery outcome.
Using the LegTutor as part of the Physical therapy – PT program will facilitate the following critical components of  pre and post sugery rehab following TKR:
■ Allows patients to better understand how to do the exercises after surgery rehab/ therapy sessions.
■ Facilitates communication with physical therapist to patient and carers by quantifying exercise performance
■ Facilitates home exercises to help gain motion and keep gains achieved in therapy by encouraging and motivating exercise practice between outpatient therapy sessions. Remember you will only meet with your therapist a few times a week after discharge
■ Encourages and motivates the patient to do customized and controlled home exercises which are important to help gain motion and keep the gains in therapy from one session to the next.
■ Allows you to better involve a friend or family member in your rehab. This is because good support system is essential for motivation and assistance throughout the recovery process.
■ Objective and quantifiable recording of exercise practice results and compliance wil allow the patient and therapist to better set goals and track progress.
Physical Rehab is the key compliment to a successful outcome post TKR and knee surgery so facilitate the exercise practice with the LegTutor.

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