Telerehabilitation for all

Telemedicine is described as the delivery of healthcare services – diagnosis, consultation or treatment, through the use of interactive audio, video or other electronic media. Ready access to telecommunications technology is therefore transforming the delivery of care. This is why the following US states are planning to in introduce legislation that will make tele rehabilitation reimbursed:

The District of Columbia – legislation filed by Council woman Mary Chehwill require private health insurers and Medicaid to cover healthcare services including physical and occupational therepy via telemedicine.
Connecticut, State – Sen. Joseph Crisco Jr. bill will require health insurers to cover services provider through “telecommunications technology.”
Florida – State Rep. Mia Jones bill will require insurers, including Medicaid, to provide coverage for telemedicine and homecare services. The bill will allow the provision of telemedicine to be given by practitioners and professionals in other states.
Mississippi – State Sen. Terry Burton bill will also require insurers to cover telemedicine
New Mexico – State Rep. Stephen Easley and State Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino bills require insurers to cover healthcare services provided via telemedicine.
South Carolina – State Sens. Raymond Cleary III, Bradley Hutto and Greg Hembree bill will require individual or group health maintenance organizations to cover telemedicine services.
Indiana – State Sen. Vaneta Becker bill will require Medicaid to reimburse certified home health agencies, federally qualified health centers and rural health clinics for telehealth services.
Nebraska – State Sens. Amanda McGill, Brad Ashford and Annette Dubas bill will authorize telehealth services for public school students.

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