Balance Exercises to Prevent Falls–A Harvard Medical School Report

A new book published by the Harvard School of Medicine discusses ways to cope with balance. 
Many falls result in disastrous injuries such as broken hips especially for the elderly. It affects independence and other general health problems not withstanding pain and discomfort. However 90% of falls can be prevented if proper exercises are used and precautions are taken.
Prominent amongst these efforts is learning how to maintain balance through strength, agility and mobility.
The book ”Better Balance” will alert you to conditions, medications, and situations that  create instability. There are  tips for fall-proofing your home.  ”Better Balance” will  lift, walk, stretch and  bend you through  workouts and exercises that will greatly increase your self-reliance, stability and confidence.
The report provides all you need to know about using exercise to improve posture, increase muscle strength and speed, sharpen reflexes, expand flexibility, and firm your core. Filled with workouts that respect your time and budget, ”Better Balance” gives you step-by-step instructions for achieving greater static and dynamic balance.
The report also includes complete, illustrated workouts that  can be done at home —according to your own schedule and pace.  These exercises were designed in consultation with Harvard Medical School physicians. They include guidance on proper techniques, tempo and movement. They modify workouts to your own level of fitness and exercise goals. The exercises  will keep you motivated and moving.
The goal in this book is to prevent you from having a potentially devastating fall and will  protect you from instability  allowing you to enjoy the independence and peace of mind that sound balance gives you.
Achieving good balance can also be achieved by a strict exercise program through well known physical therapy solutions and products such as the TUTOR system.
With the TUTOR system a LEGTUTOR and 3DTUTOR is placed on a leg. While  standing on one leg  a computerized game is played  created specifically for the TUTOR system. In this way the legs and lower limbs strengthen their muscles and balance coordination.
Originally designed for patients recovering from a variety of limb disabling diseases or surgeries i.e. stroke, brain or spinal cord injuries, CP, MS, Parkinson’s and others the TUTORs also include the HANDTUTOR and ARMTUTOR. Currently in use by leading U.S. and European rehabilitation hospitals and clinics they are fully certified by the FDA and CE.
The TUTORs can also be used at home through telerehabilitation and are available for children from the age of 5 as well as adults.
See WWW.MEDITOUCH.CO.IL for further information.

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