A Review of A Pediatric Physical Therapy Handbook

The following is a brief review of the ”Handbook of Pediatric Physical Therapy” by Toby Long and Kathy Toscano
This quick reference book has been updated and provides a current perspective on pediatric physical therapy that can be used by both students and professionals. As a follow up to the “Guide to Physical Therapist Practice,” this invaluable book addresses growth and development, interventions, pediatric disorders, assistive technologies, measurements and administrative issues–all in a handy access format for daily consultation. The authors present the etiology, assessment considerations, and treatment protocols of each condition. It also includes  a Table of Measurement Resources and a complete listing of disorders for easy reference. So that it is easier to use, this edition has a larger trim size, with figures, new boxes, charts, and conditions.  Various chapters cover Measurement & Disorders, Intervention and Assistive Technology. The expanded coverage of growth and development includes the results that occur if and when development is disrupted. Insurance coding information has structured guidelines for determining the correct diagnosis coding. An abbreviation chart ensures accuracy. In chapter 4 the authors describe adaptive equipment which is unique to the pediatric patient and its purpose. There is a discussion of mobility devices that are useful for children with disabilities. The text assists the physical therapist with treatment planning.
In the realm of assistive technologies and mobility devices the TUTOR system stands out as one of the most effective physical therapy products available to children as well as adults. The HANDTUTOR, ARMTUTOR, LEGTUTOR  and 3DTUTOR are ergonomically designed comfortable gloves and braces with sensors connected to dedicated software that allow the affected patient to get intensive exercises in a challenging and fun way through the use of exclusive computerized games. These exercises are monitored by physical  and occupational therapists who record the progress made by the patient and then design an exclusive exercise program according to the patient’s ability.
Currently in use in leading U.S. and European hospitals and clinics the TUTORs are fully certified by the FDA and CE. They are also available for use in the patient’s home through telerehabllitation. See WWW.MEDITOUCH.CO.IL for further information.

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