Development Coordination Disorder or Just Plain Clumsiness?

Developmental coordination disorder (DCD) is a childhood disorder that can lead to poor coordination and clumsiness.

Approximately 6% of school-age children have some kind of developmental coordination disorder. Children with this disorder may:

Have an unsteady walk

Have trouble holding objects

Trip over their own feet

Run into other children

Developmental coordination disorder may occur by itself or together with other learning disorders, such as communication disorders or disorders with written expression.


Appropriate physical education and perceptual motor training are amongst the best ways to treat coordination disorder. The use of a computer to take notes may help children who have trouble with their writing.

It is also known that children with developmental coordination disorder are three times as likely to be overweight than other children their age. It is vital to encourage physical activity in order to prevent obesity.


How well a child does depends on how severe the disorder is. Though the disorder does not worsen over time, it usually continues into adulthood.


There are sometimes complications from DCD such as:

Low self-esteem resulting from poor ability at sports and teasing by other children
Learning problems
Weight gain because of a lack of physical activities (such as sports)
Repeated injuries
An appointment with a health care provider is vital to check the child’s development.

One of the most cost effective and fun ways to treat DCD may be by using the HANDTUTOR, ARMTUTOR or LEGTUTOR. These recently developed physical therapy products are available for children as well as for adults and are used for treating a variety of disorders and post surgery movement issues. The child who has a coordination problem will enjoy being involved in the many games that the TUTOR system has to offer. These exclusive exercise programs that were designed specifically for various limb movement disabilities can also provide just the right amount of movement that children with DCD need.

The TUTOR system is fully certified by the FDA and CE and can be used at home through the use of telerehabilitation. See WWW.MEDITOUCH.CO.IL for more information.


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