Female Concussions on the Rise in Soccer.



These new research results indicate that people should think differently now and not consider the injury irrelevant according to Dr. Christopher Dietrich of the Rehab Doctors in Rapid City.

A greater emphasis  now prevails on education to prevent brain concussions. There are new projects for parents and coaches with information about the injury and computerized concussion assessment measurements. Comparisons can be made before and after concussions. These tests  help players and coaches decide how safe it is for the athlete to play and/or to return to the game after an injury. An American Journal of Sports Medicine study recently published showed that younger and female athletes take longer to recover and have longer term side effects (headaches, sensitivity to light, depression) than males.


Dr.Dietrich  believes that younger athletes  face greater risks because their brains are still in the developing stage. In females estrogen levels and a greater blood flow to the brain than males may be the cause of this phenomenon.

The neck muscles of girls are not as strong as those of males so when  the ball is  hit with the head in the game of soccer this may also be a   cause of concussions. However most concussions occur from body to body contact. The size of the player and the intensity with which the game is played also have to be considered.

When brain concussions, unfortunately, lead to immobility of a limb one of the best physical therapy solutions is through the use of the TUTOR system. The HANDTUTOR is a comfortable ergonomic glove that connects to a computerized  set of challenging games which provide intensive exercises when there is a disability in the hand, arm or elbow. The ARMTUTOR is a brace that can help achieve success in limb rehabilitation in upper limb injuries. The LEGTUTOR  likewise supports injury therapy for ankles, feet and other  lower limbs. The 3DTUTOR is a wireless motion feedback device that can be positioned on discrete joints of the head, trunk or upper and lower extremities. This allows for the evaluation and treatment of choice. The 3DTUTOR is used alone or in conjunction with the other TUTORs to exercise additional interjoint coordination movements.

Currently in use in leading U.S. and European hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers the TUTOR system is available for children as young as 4 or 5 as well as for adults. The TUTORs can also be used through telerehabiliation when the patient is discharged from the hospital or lives too far from a physical therapy facility.The TUTORs are fully certified by the FDA and CE. See WWW.MEDITOUCH.CO.IL for more information.


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