Medical Science Fiction or Reality?

One of the current best selling books is called The Man with the Bionic Brain and Other Victories over Paralysis by Dr. Jon Mukand. Neurosurgeons have implanted a set of microelectrodes in a man’s brain that recognize his thought patterns and allow him to control a computer cursor. He is able to use e-mail, manipulate a prosthetic hand, adjust TV settings, and play video games—all just by thinking about performing these tasks. This is the story of first hand accounts of   survivors of stroke, spinal injuries, and brain trauma and some of the amazing technology that has improved their lives. It tells of behind-the-scenes views of cutting-edge medical research and discoveries, The Man with the Bionic Brain and Other Victories over Paralysis is an insightful and inspirational book about how biomedicine gives hope to people with disabilities and enables them to take control of their futures.

Since this is still in the fiction state patients suffering from stroke, brain or spinal cord injuries, MS, CP and other upper and lower limb surgeries should rely more on existing systems and physical therapy products to achieve a return to  normal movement of their affected limb(s). One of the most cost effective and innovative medical devices to come on the market in recent times is the TUTOR system. This breakthrough product consists of a HANDTUTOR, ARMTUTOR, LEGTUTOR and 3DTUTOR.

The TUTORs are comfortable ergonomic gloves or braces that are connected to a computerized, exclusive and intensive exercise program. The exercises, in the form of games, encourage the patient to excel at the competition and thereby increase the movement of the affected limb. Physical therapists monitor the progress and create a customized program for that particular patient. This in turn increases the efficiency of the limb movement. The TUTOR products can be used at home if the patient has graduated from inpatient treatment or is located at too great a distance from a physical therapy facility. Currently in use in leading U.S. and European rehabilitation hospitals and clinics the TUTORs are fully certified by the FDA and CE. See WWW.MEDITOUCH.CO.IL for more information.


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