Physical Therapy Solutions for Juvenile Cerebral Palsy Patients to restore wrist extension

As reported in Science Daily on May 10, 2012 —Another system has been created to  restore strength and flexibility to the hands and wrists of children with cerebral palsy. This time with the aid of multiple force sensors and a digital dinosaur according to a team of Rice University seniors known as Helping Hands.

These kids have a real problem with their hands and even after surgery to correct it, they need physical therapy to get stronger. The team’s rehabilitation device, the Dino-Might,  corrects the condition, known as spastic wrist flexion deformity, and restores wrist extension by surgically removing a tendon from the underside of the wrist and attaching it to the upper portion. After surgery, the wrist and its associated muscles and tendons, though straightened, are weak and must be exercised to restore near-normal use. That’s where devices such as the HANDTUTOR come into play. The HANDTUTOR has been in use now for several years and is currently improving the mobility of  cerebral palsy patients both young and old. The HANDTUTOR and its sister devices (ARMTUTOR, LEGTUTOR, 3DTUTOR) are ergonomic gloves and braces that fit comfortably onto the affected limb of patients recovering from cerebral palsy, stroke, spinal cord and brain injuries, MS, Brachial Plexus injury and other upper and lower limb surgeries. These physical therapy products are connected to exclusive software created to allow intensive exercises for the patient. The results are monitored by physical and occupational therapists who record the exercise and create a customized program for that patient. The TUTOR system is one of the most cost effective physical therapy products available and are fully certified by the FDA and CE. They are currently in use in leading U.S. and European rehabilitation hospitals and clinics and can also be used at the patient’s home through the use of tele rehabilitation. See WWW.MEDITOUCH.CO.IL for more information.


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