Physical Therapy Solutions of the Future

Many of us remember when, decades ago, we read in comic books  how Dick Tracy spoke on a ”wrist radio” to communicate with headquarters in pursuing a criminal. We were in awe when science fiction was portrayed in the same comics as travel between earth and celestial bodies or to and from man made space stations. Today almost everyone on earth possesses a cellphone to communicate with friends and family. Space travel today even has ”graduated” from an ”obsolete” system of shuttles to an international space station and one can read as ”history” about how man traveled to the moon and back. That’s how far man has come in this modern age.

Medicine has also moved rapidly through so many phases of improvement and innovation that today not only do people live longer but that under certain circumstances a patient may never meet his doctor or therapist on a face to face basis but rather through electronic systems. Surgery can be performed remotely and physical therapy can be administered through tele rehabilitation.

One of the newest physical therapy products being used extensively today is the HANDTUTOR. It and its sister devices (ARMTUTOR, LEGTUTOR, 3DTUTOR) are at the forefront of physical therapy solutions that allow patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, CP, MS, stroke, brain and spinal cord injury as well as upper and lower limb surgeries to receive state of the art assistance in recovering use of a disabled limb. This is done through the use of customized ergonomic
gloves and braces that are connected to exclusive software where the patient is involved in intensive exercises through the use of challenging games. The results are channeled to a physical/occupational therapist who records them and creates a customized therapy program for the patient. This is especially helpful to the patient who has recovered sufficiently to be discharged from acute care and/or for those patients who cannot afford or live too far from a professional physical therapy facility. The TUTOR system is one of the most cost effective physical therapy products on the market today and is fully certified by the FDA and CE. Go to WWW.MEDITOUCH.CO.IL for more information.


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