Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

As part of  “Brain Injury Awareness Month” being observed  during March and because there are so many instances of brain injuries now, doctors have come up with a list of symptoms that people should be aware of  so as to get immediate help for someone who suffered this injury.

Not only soldiers serving in combat are prone to Traumatic Brain Injury ( TBI) but anyone, child or adult, at home, work or at play can suffer this debilitating injury. The effects of TBI include memory loss and thinking, hearing , speaking and mood difficulties amongst others. Sometimes there is a temporary loss of consciousness.

 Anxiety, depression, dizziness, headaches, inability to start or finish tasks or trouble sleeping, are all some of the symptoms associated with TBI.
Therefore it is imperative to identify symptoms as early as possible.

When the TBI patient is in a recovery stage and if there has been loss of functional movement of a limb then the TUTOR system can be of great assistance to return normalcy to the affected limb.

The Tutor system (HANDTUTOR, ARMTUTOR, LEGTUTOR, 3DTUTOR) consists of ergonomic wearable devices together with powerful dedicated rehabilitation software. The system is indicated for patients in rehabilitation centers, private clinics and the home where it can be supported by telerehabilitation. It is designed for those who have head, trunk, upper and lower extremity movement dysfunction. The system consists of motivating and challenging games that allow the patient to practice isolated and/or interjoint coordination exercises. Controlled exercise practice  helps to prevent the development of compensatory movement patterns. The dedicated software allows the therapist to fully customize the exercises to the patient’s movement ability. In addition the therapist can objectively and quantitatively evaluate and report on the treatment progress. The rehabilitation system optimizes the patient’s motor, sensory and cognitive performance and allows the patient to better perform everyday functional tasks to improve their quality of life. The TUTOR system is FDA and CE certified.

See WWW. HANDTUTOR.COM for more information.


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