Tutor system – LegTutor effective tool with intensive robotic and manual gait training in sub-acute stroke

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In the February edition of Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation Dr. Conesa and his group from Functional Rehabilitation Department and the Brain Injury Unit, Neurorehabilitation Hospital Institut Guttmann Barcelona, Spain and the Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA,  USA report that 8 weeks of intensive physical rehabilitation including robotic and manual gait training was well tolerated by early stroke patients. The group saw significant gains in function with outcome measures including improved walking speed and balance scales. In particular, robotic training on the mid-level gait dysfunction group showed the best improvement. The gait training was split up into robotic gait training from 0-4 weeks and manual gait training weeks 4-8.

The LegTutor is a Leg brace that measures hip and knee movement. it is used to customize isolated and intensive manual gait exercise practice and give the patients augmented feedback on their performance. The 3DTutor can be used to give intensive ankle exercise practice and assist in treating drop foot.


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