Tutor System – ArmTutor HandTutor Successful for Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation

There exists a disability called acquired brain injury (ABI), meaning  brain injury that occurred after birth. ABIs happen as a result of traumatic brain injuriesphysical trauma caused by falls, car accidents and assaults — or non-traumatic brain injuries, which can be caused by strokes, brain tumors, infection or substance abuse.
The challenges stemming from brain injuries vary from person to person.
The difficulties can be temporary or permanent, depending on how severe the brain injury was, but there are physical changes, cognitive changes and emotional or behavioural changes. From a physical point of view, there might be things like fatigue, sleep difficulties, certainly mobility issues.
When mobility issues exist the TUTOR system LegTutor ArmTutor HandTutor are used by physical and occupational therapists.
 The newly developed HANDTUTOR and its sister devices (ARMTUTOR, LEGTUTOR, 3DTUTOR) have become a key system in neuromuscular rehabilitation for Brain injury physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation including stroke victims and those recovering from brain and spinal injuries, Parkinson’s, MS, CP and other limb movement limitations. These innovative devices implement an impairment based program with augmented motion feedback that encourages motor learning and improved functional ability through intensive active exercises and movement practice. The HANDTUTOR, ARMTUTOR, LEGTUTOR and 3DTUTOR consist of wearable glove and braces that detect limb movement showing the patient how much active or assisted active movement they are actually doing so that they can practice and improve these movements. The rehabilitation software uses special rehabilitation games to set a new target for this movement in terms of the patients ability to move their limb. The devices then measure the limb movement and give feedback on the success of the patient in trying to gain this new movement objective. In this  way the patient is given movement feedback that allows the patient to understand which effort is more successful in allowing them to move their affected limb again. In this  way the TUTOR system provides exercises that are challenging and motivating and allow for repetitive and intensive exercise practice. The HANDTUTOR, ARMTUTOR, LEGTUTOR and 3DTUTOR are now part of the rehabilitation program of leading U.S. Greek, Canadian  German, Italian, French, UK and other foreign hospitals. See WWW.HANDTUTOR.COM for more information.

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