Train Wreck Victim Can Receive Much Needed Help From the LegTutor

Wang Hongyi reports in  China on December 29, 2011 about  the future for the toddler survivor of the high-speed train crash in July. It does not look as if it is going to be too smooth a recovery.
Xiang Weiyi, the 2-year-old girl nicknamed Yiyi, from Wenzhou, East China’s Zhejiang province, was rescued from the wreck 20 hours after a deadly train accident in Wenzhou. Unfortunately her parents were killed in the accident.
The girl’s left leg was badly injured as she was stuck in the wreckage for a long time,  In August she was transferred  for further treatment to a Shanghai hospital. Doctors at the first hospital feared they would have to amputate her leg.
After several months of intense treatment, the girl is walking again.
“The recovery of the nerve on her foot was much bettert han our earlier expectation. Since recovery of the nervous system is of crucial importance, we can expect the motor and sensory functions of her leg to improve gradually,”said Du Qing, a doctor from Shanghai Xinhua Hospital’s rehabilitation treatment department.
Now that cleaning up of her wounds and the skin grafting on her leg are complete, Yiyi has entered the phase of rehabilitation therapy. Under the rehabilitation plan made by medical experts, the girl has to go through a three-hour training period daily.
Since the LEGTUTOR has been designed to treat children as well as adults this innovative device bodes well for Yiyi’s future.
The LEGTUTOR™ system has been developed to allow for functional rehabilitation of the lower extremity. Together with the 3DTUTOR the LEGTUTOR can be used to increase the patient’s proprioception performance with dedicated games being developed in the rehabilitation software for this outcome. The TUTOR system rehabilitation concept, which also includes the HANDTUTOR, ARMTUTOR and 3DTUTOR, is based on performing controlled exercise rehabilitation practice at a patient customized level including balance and proprioception training. This is achieved with real time accurate feedback on the patient’s performance.  The exercises are designed in the form of challenging rehabilitation games that are suitable for a wide variety of neurological and orthopedic injuries and disease. The games challenge the patient to perform the exercise task to their best ability and to continue exercise practice. Exercise practice is the most important manual therapy tool in the armory of physical and occupational therapists to ensure optimal rehabilitation.
The LEGTUTOR also allows for isolated and a combination of knee and three directional hip treatment. The system provides detailed exercise performance instructions and precise feedback on the patient’s exercise performance. Controlled exercise of multi joints within the normal movement pattern prevents the development of undesired and compensatory joint movement and ensures better performance of functional tasks.
The LEGTUTOR system is used by many leading rehabilitation centers worldwide for both neurological and orthopedic patients including adults and children. The TUTOR system holds FDA and CE certification. See WWW.HANDTUTOR.COM for more information.


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