FDA’s “Innovation Pathway”. How the HandTutor system can teach patients to use a bionic hand

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The Food & Drug Administration FDA launches Medical Device “Innovation Pathway”. This initiative aims to speed the introduction of breakthrough medical devices. The first project is the brain-controlled, upper-extremity prosthetic follows on from the DARPA-funded prosthetic bionic arm and hand project.  This initiative aims to speed, tapped a military project to create a prosthetic arm http://bit.ly/gv2bmp.

The HandTutor system measures isolated and coordinated finger and wrist movement. The dedicated rehabilitation software allows for movement guidance to show the patient how to move their hand or prosthetic and augmented feedback to show that the prosthetic is moving. A combination of guidance and visual augmented feedback allows for learning motor movement. The HandTutor system is being successfully used by rehabilitation centers and home patients after hand and arm re-graft surgery.


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