ArmTutor Maximizes Recovery After Boxer’s Surgery

Daniel Woodgate (boxer)

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Even though it was said that Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira wouldn’t require surgery for a broken arm which he suffered against Frank Mir at UFC 140, he  has since undergone surgery to repair the injury and could return to the UFC in as soon as six months.

Mr. Nogueira suffered a complex fracture of his right humerus.    Unfortunately, the radial nerve (a power and sensation nerve leading to the hand) was injured by the event.  The nerve was in the area of the fracture and the bone was pinching the nerve.  He little strength in his hand and no strength in his thumb before the surgery.
The surgery involved taking out the nerve and then the fracture site was treated.  The fracture was fixed with a plate and 16 screws and within less than 12 hours  the function returned to his hand and the bone was fixed.  The doctors said that they were anticipating initiating range of motion exercises immediately and will start strengthening the arm in the next month.  If everything goes well he will begin full training in the next several months and should be 100% ready for competition fighting in about six months or less.  We anticipate a complete  recovery.
The ARMTUTOR system has been developed to allow for functional rehabilitation of the shoulder, elbow, wrist or upper extremity. The system includes an ergonomic wearable arm brace and dedicated physical rehabilitation software. The ARMTUTOR system provides interactive rehabilitation exercises and  a range of biomechanical evaluations including speed, passive and active range of motion as well as motion analysis of the upper extremity.
This quantitative data allows physical and occupational therapists (PT) (OT) to customize the right exercise parameters to the patients movement ability and report on the patients exercise progress. The ARMTUTOR rehabilitation concept is based on performing controlled and repetitive exercise rehabilitation practice at a patient customized level together with real time accurate feedback on the patient’s performance.  The rehabilitation games are suitable for a wide variety of neurological and orthopedic injury and disease.
The games challenge the patient to perform the exercise at a customized difficulty level. This level is set by the OT or PT and encourages the patient to do intensive repetitive exercise practice.
The ARMTUTOR allows for isolated as well as a combination of elbow and three directional shoulder treatments. The system provides detailed exercise performance instructions and also precise feedback on the patients exercise performance. Overall. controlled exercise of multijoints within a normal movement pattern will prevent the patient from developing an undesired and compensatory joint movement pattern and this will ensure better performance of functional tasks.
The ARMTUTOR and its sister devices (LEGTUTOR, HANDTUTOR, 3DTUTOR are used wordwide in hospitals and clinics. They can be used at home through telerehabilitation. See WWW.HANDTUTOR.COM for more information

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