HandTutor assists my treatment of the hand and wrist through tele rehabilitation

 Yafi Levanon, an Occupational Therapist and an  expert in hand rehabilitation reports that one of his patients sustained a distal radius fracture in both wrists after a motorcycle accident.  The patient underwent open reduction internal fixation of both comminuted distal radius.

The patient was referred to him two weeks post surgery and  began out patient treatment working on passive and active exercise practice. The patient received a total of 6 sessions of therapy over the first two weeks. The patient needs to be able to drive for both work and family activities. In addition the patient expressed his interest to start Yoga, his principal sport, as soon as possible. Because of these issues it was decided to allow the patient to use both a left and right sided HandTutor at his own home in order to allow the patient to increase the intensiveness of his exercise practice.  Finally, it wasI decided to use online tele-rehabilitation as a means to keep the patient motivated and committed to do intensive exercise practice.

During the first week there were two forty minute telerehabilitation sessions.  The first one was used to practice how to connect together over skype and teamviewer which allows the therapist to see his screen. The second session  was the first dedicated to treatment.It started  with an evaluation, then set up the rehabilitation game “track a target” according to the evaluation parameters. They worked with both the left and right sided HandTutor for roughly half an hour and during this time  concentrated on repetitive flexion extension exercises. After  a few breaks from treatment with the HandTutor, where there was passive exercise on  the wrist joints they added some prosupination exercises in addition to radial ulnar deviation exercises.

It was great!  The session really went well and the patient is practicing more exercise at home. In addition the patient does not need to drive to the clinic or to ask one of his family members to take him.



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