Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Benefits From Tutor System

Dave Sheinin, Publishing in the Washington Post/Sports on December 2, 2011 reports that
Kevin Pearce was one of the top snowboarders in the country — a four-time Winter X Games medalist, a leading medal contender at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Instead, Pearce was still in the hospital when the Olympics came around, the victim of a traumatic brain injury that has dictated almost every aspect of his life since.
For the past 23 months, Kevin Pearce’s life has been like one of those sixth-grade evolutionary charts, the one that starts with the ape on the left side and gradually progresses into the human on the right. He started out, after the accident, flat on his back. Eventually, he was able to sit up. Then he was able to stand on his feet, then walk, then run. Unlike the ape-to-human evolution, Pearce’s didn’t take several ages to complete. It only felt that way.
The Tutor system, consisting of the HandTutor, ArmTutor, LegTutor and 3DTutor, has been developed to allow for functional rehabilitation of the whole body including the upper and lower extremity. It is involved in rehabilitation therapy for stroke patients as well as those who have had a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury or suffer from Parkinson’s disease, MS, CP, upper and lower limb surgeries, Radial and Ulnar nerve injuries, Brachial Plexus injuries Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and more.  The system consists of ergonomic wearable devices and dedicated rehabilitation software that provide patient instructions and feedback to encourage intensive massed controlled exercise practice. The Tutor system allows for controlled exercise of multijoints within the normal movement pattern which prevents the development of undesired and compensatory joint movement and ensures better performance of functional tasks. Additional features of the Tutor system include quantitative evaluation, objective follow up and tele-rehabilitation.
The new medical devices are available for children as well as adults and through the use of telerehabilitation and are FDA and CE certified. See for more information.

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