HandTutor Improves Cognitive Impairments of TBI Patients

Denise Konkol on November 30, 2011 writes for the MUSKEGO PATCH about Acres of Hope and Aspirations that was recently toured by a military family who has been instrumental in testifying at U.S. Senate Committee of Veteran’s Affairs in Washington D.C., in defense of veterans with brain injuries due to their son’s own brain injury that he sustained while in the Iraq War.
 Justin Bunce, a purple heart Lance Marine Corporal, sustained a severe brain injury from an IED during his second combat deployment in the Iraq War in 2004.  Bunce lost his right eye in the blast and shrapnel entered his skull just above that eye and passed through the front of his brain, penetrating the frontal lobe., “The Creatures of Rehab and Gardens of Hope that Acres uses in rehabilitation has been been instrumental in improvement with cognitive and memory skills, organizational and attention skills and vocational potential,” said Lisa Alberte, who owns the home-turned-care-facility. “Duplication of similar concepts and intervention with animal therapy for wounded soldiers with brain injuries may improve and maximize vocational potential and lead to eventual return to work for disabled and wounded veterans.
 When it comes to Improving motor, sensory and cognitive impairments the HandTutor is unequaled., The HandTutor™ system is an active exercise based hand rehabilitation program that uses the accepted methods of impairment oriented training (IOT) with augmented feedback. The HandTutor™ evaluates and treats finger and hand movement dysfunction through exercises that encourage extension/ flexion of the finger(s) and wrist., The HandTutor™ system consists of a safe comfortable glove, with position and speed sensors that precisely record finger and wrist motion, and dedicated rehabilitation software. The ergonomic gloves come in five sizes for both right and left hands. The rehabilitation system, which includes the ArmTutor, LegTutor and 3DTutor, employs the known concept of biofeedback to give occupational and physical therapists access to an affordable user friendly hand rehabilitation package. The HandTutor™ can also be used in combination with the 3DTutor™ for arm rehabilitation. The HandTutor™ is CE medical and FDA certified. See www HandTutor.com for more information.

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