Hip, Knee Replacement Physiotherapy Includes LegTutor

  • Charlene Peck writing for ”Cottage Country Now.Ca.” on Nov. 04, 2011 reports that the local hip, knee replacement wait times are second lowest in Ontario. The Parry Sound Joint Assessment Centre that officially opened November 3 at the West Parry Sound Health Centre (WPSHS), provides a central point of intake for patients suffering from hip and knee problems. In the past nine months 263 patients have been assessed.
    A free service called OrthoConnect is helping patients scheduled for orthopaedic surgery to use their wait time to get informed.
    The OrthoConnect program, provided through the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation, joins patients referred for bone and joint surgery – and caregivers – with patients who have gone through a similar surgery. This allows the patients to better prepare for: What to expect/ how to prepare for surgery and physical and occupational therapy rehabilitation.  In other words, the OrthoConnect project enables patients to learn, understand and become comfortable with their upcoming surgery!!!
    Rebecca Cutler who is a physiotherapist at the Joint Assessment Centre- West Parry Sound Health Centre recommends that arthritis patients also use the service.
    The project has a web site with live chat and features information for hip and knee replacements along with foot and ankle surgeries.
    Local wait times for knee and hip replacement surgery are very low and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care wait time in WPSHC is 55 days for knee replacement surgery. , there has been improvement in wait times for hip and knee replacement surgery. This is compared to a  the target  of 182 day set by the province.
    Local orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. William Smyth, usually performs the hip or knee replacement,within four or five weeks.Physiotherapists say that when arthritis is impacting mobility then the surgeon will determine readiness for a total knee or hip replacement. If surgery is not the best option, they are given options for conservative management of hip and knee arthritis. Options such as anti-inflammatory medications, corticosteroid injections, and/or physiotherapy maybe considered if surgery is not indicated.
    The LegTutor is used by Physcial therapists to give intensive exercise practice after hip and knee surgery.  
    The LegTutor™ system has been developed to allow for functional rehabilitation of the lower extremity. The system consists of an ergonomic wearable leg brace and dedicated rehabilitation software. The LegTutor™ allows for hip, knee and ankle exercise practice and can be used as soon as the patient has a some degree of active movement ability in the operated joint. The LegTutor™ rehabilitation concept is based on performing controlled exercise rehabilitation practice at a patient customized level with real time accurate feedback on the patient’s performance this is the same tecchnique that physiotherapists use when practicing manual therapy.  The exercises are designed in the form of challenging games that are prescribed by the physical therapist. The LegTutor and its sister products HandTutor, ArmTutor are suitable for a wide variety of neurological and orthopedic injury and disease. The LegTutor™ system is used by many leading rehabilitation centers worldwide and has full FDA and CE certification. See http://www.handtutor.com


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