LegTutor Instrumental in Post Hip Replacement Therapy

Exercise Mat

Based on an article published on MEDICINENET.COM by Medical Author Dr.William C. Shiel Jr., MD, FACP, FACR who reports about the importance of post hip replacement physical therapy. The author looks at what is involved in the rehabilitation process after total hip joint replacement (THR)?

Patients start physical therapy almost immediately post total hip joint replacement surgery. During day 1  post surgery, minor physical therapy is performed consisting of passive stretching in the sitting position. This will be augmented by stepping, walking, and climbing exercise practice. This walking practice is performed with the assistance of a walker or crutches. d. Although some degree of discomfort is normal the pain is monitored during physical therapy and exercise takes place. There is often a remarked decrease in preoperative pain relatively early on in physiotherapy and this is a motivating sign to the patients.
Physical therapy with the aid of a physiotherapist or physical therapist is a very important element in rehabilitation following any joint replacement surgery. The goals of physical therapy post THR are to prevent contractures, improve patient education, and strengthen muscles around the hip joint. This is achieved through controlled exercises practice. Contractures may result from the scarring of the tissues around the joint. These contractures will prevent full range of joint motion and impede mobility of the replaced joint and functional performance outcome.
In addition to outpatient physical therapy, home exercises should be incorporated into the patients daily living routine. Occupational therapists are also part of the rehabilitation process as precautions may have to be taken in relation to the patients everyday life activities. This involves education on the use of adaptive equipment and the proper ways to do their “ADLs” or activities of daily living.
The newly developed LegTutor  and 3DTutor can be very helpful and instrumental in physiotherapy following hip replacement.
The LegTutor™ system has been developed to allow for functional rehabilitation of the lower extremity by allowing for isolated and coordinated movement of the hip and knee. The system consists of an ergonomic wearable leg brace and separate sensor together with dedicated rehabilitation software. The LegTutor™ system allows the physical therapist to evaluate the patients active range of motion, speed and accuracy of movement. This motion analysis allows the physical therapist to customize the patients exercise slightly above their movement ability. This exercise practice is performed through rehabilitation games so the level of difficulty of exercise practice and the dedicated games keep the patients interest during the exercise. This motivation allows allows for exercise practice that is intensive and repetitive. Intensive and repetitive isolated and combined joint movement practice will prevent contractures and improve the patients range and strength of movement. In this way the LegTutor is aphysical therapy solution that improves the patients functional rehabilitation movement outcome following THR and Total hip replacement.
 The Tutor™ system produced by meditouch http://www.meditouch.co.il is a physical therapy product that is used by many leading rehabilitation centers worldwide and has full FDA and CE certification. http://www.handtutor.com

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