Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Therapy Includes the HandTutor and ArmTutor

The following is a description of Abstract Complex regional pain based on input from Prof. Dr. F. Birklein of the Neurologische Klinik Universität Mainz:

Abstract Complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS may develop after lower or upper extremity trauma that causes an impairment in the sensory-motor and autonomic symptom that is characterized by pain and edema.
Recent research results suggest that CRPS  are due to cytokine release following trauma. This causes an amplified neurogenic inflammation. The pain is then maintained by an overactive  sympathetic nervous system Following this step there is thought to be cortical re-organisation and neuroplasticityin response to chronic pain.  Is there now a mechanism oriented treatment for CRPS on the horizon?

During the course of CRPS these symptoms may be presented separately or in parallel
 Relief of pain together with the  maintenance of physical functional ability is the objective of physical and occupational therapy treatment in CRPS. Therapy has to start as soon as possible to achieve this goal. The main objective of therpay is to maintain the patients range of movement as well the patients sensory and motor movement ability. This is achieved by continuing exercise practice despite the pain. Therefore the latest tool to be developed in the treatment of CRPS is the HandTutor, ArmTutor, LegTutor and 3DTutor known as the Tutor system. The handtutor and armTutor provide isolated adn combined hand and arm therapy. Allowing for the exercise of individual fingers, wrist, elbow and shoulder. Together with the 3DTutor  additional elbow exercise treatments and forearm exercise practice can be introduced. This allows the patient suffering from CRPS to be given exercises through dedicated rehabilitation software that the physiotherapist or occupational therapist has customized to the patients movement ability the paitne is motivated to continue exercise practice.  In this way the HandTutor and ArmTutor will prevent the development of contractures and maintain joint and muscle movement  ability. This will relieve the pain of the affected area.
 The newly developed Tutor system is by adults and children world wide in major rehabilitation clinics. The FDA and CE certified Tutor system is also used by home patients and physiotherapists and occupational and physical therapists can support the patient at home through TR tele rehabilitation. See

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