ArmTutor Can Speed Recovery of Jason Blake’s Arm

Boomakers Inc. on  17 October 2011 shares that  Jason Blake who is Anaheim Ducks left wing, will not be playing for three months due to him suffering from tendon damage in his left forearm. This was caused by a severe cut. On Saturday, the Ducks announced that the player will receive surgery next week to repair his arm.
“Although this was an unfortunate, freak accident, we are pleased to see that Jason is expected to make a full and complete recovery and we look forward to having him back in our lineup when he’s ready.” Ducks general manager Bob Murray stated.
Dr. David Hay will perform the corrective surgery on Blake’s tendons at Los Angeles’ Kerlan-Jobe Clinic.
The newly developed ArmTutor will be able to afford Blake improved functional outcomes in physical rehabilitation and a more speedy recovery. The ArmTutor™ system has been developed to allow for functional rehabilitation of the shoulder and elbow and wrist or upper extremity. The system consists of an ergonomic wearable arm brace and dedicated physical rehabilitation software. The ArmTutor™ system allows for interactive rehabilitation exercise and  a range of biomechanical evaluations including speed, passive and active range of motion and motion analysis of the upper extremity. This quantitative data allows Physical and occupational therapists (OT) (PT) to customize the right exercise parameters to the patients movement ability and report on the patients exercise progress. The ArmTutor™ rehabilitation concept is based on performing controlled and repetitive exercise rehabilitation practice at a patient customized level with real time accurate feedback on the patient’s performance.  The rehabilitation games are suitable for a wide variety of neurological and orthopedic injury and disease.
The games challenge the patient to perform the exercise at a customized difficulty level. This level is set by the occupational or physical therapist and encourages the patient to do intensive repetitive exercise practice.
The ArmTutor™ allows for isolated and a combination of elbow and three directional shoulder treatment. The system provides detailed exercise performance instructions and precise feedback on the patients exercise performance. Overall. controlled exercise of multijoints within a normal movement pattern will prevent the patient developing an undesired and compensatory joint movement pattern and this will ensure better performance of functional tasks.
The ArmTutor™ and HandTutor system is used by many leading rehabilitation centers in America and worldwide and is FDA and CE certified.

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