Guitar Playing Again a Real Possibility With the Help of the Tutor System

Playing Guitar II
 ROBERT REMINGTON writes in the CALGARY HERALD on OCTOBER 8, 2011 about Al Hubbard.
 Comatose  was written off for dead 6 years ago by the medical establishment agfer a severe stroke. However this week, “Iron” Al Hubbard (now 66) strummed me a couple of tunes on his guitar. This is a remarkable physical recovery considering the seemingly hopeless vegetative state of 6 years earlier.
A year ago, the former Ironman triathlete could hardly hold his guitar now he can play chords and this Wednesday, he will at the annual fund raising breakfast established by the Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (ARBI) based in Calgary.
Hubbard has several key elements playing for him in his brain injury rehabilitation according to his physiotherapist namely motivation and  family support. According to his occupational therapist, Hubbard’s speech ability is much stronger than it was last year. His quality of life is improving as he can now walk short distances with assistance and can read or up to 30 minutes at a time. She says that his guitar is another key tool in his rehabilitation as it is a motivating functional tool improving hand movement range of motion and strength.

According to ARBI, around 10,000 Albertans suffer a brain injury annually year. Intensive therapy is available to those who are severely disabled and show progress in the first 6 months post injury. However those that remain severely impaired the  “hard cases” that require slow, long-term help are less well catered for. It is these cases that ARBI helps, most of their clients are stroke victims however, traumatic brain injury victims are also helped.

Victims of brain injury and stroke can benefit greatly from the  Tutor system, the HandTutor, ArmTutor, legTutor and the 3DTtutor. The Tutor system is being used successfully in leading U.S. and foreign hospitals and clinics and is also benefiting home care patients in Canada.

The newly developed HandTutor and its sister devices have become a key system in neuromuscular rehabilitation and physical therapy for brain injury patients including, post stroke and TBI patients. These innovative devices implement an impairment based program with augmented feedback  that encourages intensive practice and motor learning through intensive active exercises. The exercises are challenging and motivating and allow for repetitive intensive  training tailored to the patient’s performance and motor and sensory and cognitive movement ability. Customized simple and powerful rehabilitation software allows the physical and occupational therapist therapist the ability to adjust the program and exercise difficulty to the patient’s movement ability. The system also includes objective quantitative evaluations that allow the physiotherapist and his occupational therapist colleagues to report on the patients exercise progress. Telerehabilitation features allow the HandTutor, ArmTutor, legTutor and the 3DTtutor to be supported by the physical rehabilitation team when the patient is at home. This ensures that the patient is motivated to do more practice between treatments by the therapists.  The Tutor system is suitable for children as well as adults.


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