LegTutor Twice as Helpful in Bilateral Knee Replacement Therapy

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As reported on NBC’s Channel 2 in Ft. Meyers, Florida on Oct. 4 the story of Chris Naylor is encouraging.

The pain from bone on bone of one crunching knee wasn’t enough Chris Naylor had two!! When her walk turned to a hobble Chris underwent bilateral knee replacement (TKT) in stages. The procedure is used to resurface the knee joint, remove damaged cartilage and bone. Surgeons cap the resurfaced bones to keep much of the knee intact.

Dr. Ed Humbert who is an orthopedic surgeon  from the medical staff of Lee Memorial Health System  speaking about ligaments and the muscles and tendons aid that “”The good parts stay and we keep as much of your own parts as we can.”

It’s not just the surgery that determines success or failure and once the surgery is over the real work will begin.

“Physical therapy after knee replacement is very, very important and even the best implant or knee replacement (TKR) put in properly and perfectly, if that patient did little or no therapy will become very stiff and very painful,” says Dr. Humbert.” Physical therapy after Total knee replacement will help improve range of motion, muscle strengthening and also keep the swelling down.

Chris jumped into physical therapy with both feet and even planned a trip to Disneyland within weeks of her last surgery. Physical therapy usually starts the next morning after surgery. The patient is then discharged from hospital a few days surgery this is followed by home care physiotherapy calls.

The LegTutor™ system is a key component of physical therapy after total knee replacement. The LegTutor is an ergonomic wearable leg brace with dedicated rehabilitation software.  The LegTutor™ rehabilitation concept is based on performing controlled exercise rehabilitation practice at a patient customized level with real time accurate feedback on the patient’s performance. This means that the LegTutor™ system allows the physical therapist to prescribe a leg rehabilitation program customized to the patients knee and hip movement ability and their stage of rehabilitation. The LegTutor uses biofeedback to keep the patient motivated to do the exercise practice with the exercises designed in the form of challenging games that are suitable for a wide variety of other neurological and orthopedic injury and disease as well as post trauma and orthopedic surgery.

The LegTutor™ is a physical therapy product used by physical therapists in combination with the HandTutor, ArmTutor and 3Dtutor for upper and lower extremity rehabilitation. The Tutor system is a physical therapy solution is used by physiotherapists and occupational therapists in many leading rehabilitation centers worldwide and has full FDA and CE certification. It is designed for children and adults and can be used at home use and can be supported by telerehabilitation.


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