Fatigue in Parkinson disease

Exercise calisthenics #2

Image by Ed Yourdon via Flickr

Charlotte Winward, in an online publication on September 27, 2011 reports that fatigue is probably the most disabling non-motor symptoms for people withParkinson’s disease (PD). Exercise as we know can modify fatigue. This study provides a report on the exercise effects on physical activity levels, well being and fatigue in Parkinson’s disease.


Two groups in study, the first received a 12 week community exercise program and the second group was the control.

The outcome measure was the Fatigue Severity Scale and level of physical activity.

The group concluded that taking part in a weekly exercise program did not improve fatigue in people with Parkinson’s Disease.

Anotehr important symptom of Parkinsons’s disease is movement impairment. The HandTutor, ArmTutor, LegTutor and 3DTutor is used in Parkinson’s disease to slow down the onset of muscles weakness adn reduced motor sensory movement ability that affect Parkinson’s patients. The Tutor system consists of ergonomic wearable devices that is used for patients in rehabilitation centers, private clinics and the home where it can be supported by telerehabilitation. 

The  HandTutor, ArmTutor, LegTutor and 3DTutor allow for controlled movement practice of the hand, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. The patietn exercises by playing motivating and challenging games that allow the patient to practice isolated and/or interjoint coordination exercises. Controlled exercise practice will help to prevent the development of compensatory movement patterns. The dedicated software allows the therapist to fully customize the exercises to the patient’s movement ability. In addition the therapist can objectively report on the treatment progress. The Tutor system is FDA and CE certified. http://www.handtutor.com


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