3DTutor Assists in Drop Foot Therapy and Walking after Stroke and SCI

old lady walking

Image by limonada via Flickr

Scientists in the Netherlands are using robotic legs to try to improve the movement of stroke patients.

The prototype device is called the Lower extremity Powered ExoSkeleton, or LOPES. The device works by training the body and mind of a patient to recover a more natural step.

The machine is also being tested on SCI – spinal injury patients who have some residual restricted movement in their legs.

LOPES was developed by engineers from the University of Twente in Enschede in the Netherlands. It is designed to be used in rehabilitation clinic. it function is to support the patient as they walk on a treadmill and take over robotically the patients walking function. Or the LOPES can offer targeted support in either one leg or with one element of the walking process and correct the pattern of walking movement.

Petra Hes who suffered a stroke at the aged of 17 is testing the device. She has been in physical and occupational therapy for years. This physiotherapy has helped, but she still walks with  “drop foot”. Drop foot is characterized when the patient can not lift and flex the foot to the extent that allows them to easily do functional tasks like climbing up the stairs.

The 3DTutor™ is a motion feedback device that can be helpful for ”drop foot” syndrome as well as other dysfunctions. It is positioned on various parts of the body. For example, the 3DTutor™ provides motion feedback on the supination and pronation position of the forearm and the trunk movement position when positioned on the forearm and the trunk. When combined with the ArmTutor™ and the HandTutor™ the 3DTutor™ allows the Tutor system to evaluate and treat the whole upper extremity by providing multijoint virtual functional task exercises of the arm and feedback on the patient’s trunk position.  When combined with the LegTutor™ and positioned on the ankle, the 3DTutor™ contributes to the complete lower extremity multijoint evaluation and virtual functional task exercises of the hip, knee and ankle. The HandTutor ArmTutor LegTutor are physical therapy products that are used by in-patients, out-patients and patients at home. The Tutor system physical therapy solution is used by physiotherapists and physical and occupational therapists to motivate their patients to do customized exercise practice. Customized means that the exercise practice is at a difficulty level that both motivates the patient and allows for the optimum intensity of practice. This allows for an improvement in functional movement outcome. For more details of the MediTouch physical rehabiliation solution see WWW.HANDTUTOR.COM and www.meditouch.co.il .



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