HandTutor Beneficial for Spasticity Issues

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Dr.Yong Jae Jung etal of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, College of Medicine, Yeungnam University, Republic of Korea writing in the Journal, NeuroRehabilitation Volume 29, Number 1 / 2011 conducted a study and stated,
“We attempted to evaluate the effect of a stretching device for treatment of hand spasticity in chronic stroke patients. We recruited 21 chronic hemiplegic stroke patients with severe finger flexor spasticity and randomly assigned them to the intervention group (10 patients) and control group (11 patients). The stretching device consisted of a resting hand splint, finger stretcher, and frame. The stretching state was maintained for 30 seconds and relaxed for the next 30 seconds. This stretching and relaxation were repeated for 20 minutes (one session). The stretching program was practiced 2 sessions/day and 6 days/week for 3 weeks for the patients of the intervention group. The effect of this stretching device was assessed using the modified Ashworth scale (MAS) score of finger flexor muscles. Patients in both groups were assessed six times within an interval of one week and patients in the intervention group were assessed two times before starting the stretching program. The two-way repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) test for evaluation of the effect of intervention across all time-points between the two groups showed a significant interaction between time and effect of intervention (P < 0.001). Within the intervention group, the average of mean MAS score at Pre-1 and Pre-2 were 2.83 and 2.93, respectively (the difference between Pre-1 and Pre-2 was not significant (P> 0.05)), and this improved significantly to 1.97 at Inter-1, 1.55 at Inter-2, 1.20 at Inter-3, and 1.97 at Post-1 (P < 0.001) using the one-way repeated measures ANOVA test for evaluation of the effect of intervention across all time-points. We found that our stretching device was effective in relieving hand spasticity in chronic stroke patients”.

Stroke patients with hand spasticity issues can benefit from the HandTutor.

The HandTutor™ system is an active exercise based hand rehabilitation program that uses the accepted methods of impairment oriented training (IOT) with augmented feedback. The HandTutor™ evaluates and treats finger and hand movement dysfunction through exercises that encourage extension/ flexion of the finger(s) and wrist.

The HandTutor™ system consists of a safe comfortable glove, with position and speed sensors that precisely record finger and wrist motion, and dedicated rehabilitation software. The ergonomic gloves come in five sizes for both right and left hands. The rehabilitation system employs the known concept of biofeedback to give occupational and physical therapists access to an affordable user friendly hand rehabilitation package. The HandTutor™ can also be used in combination with the 3DTutor™ for arm rehabilitation. The HandTutor™ is CE medical and FDA certified.


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