HandTutor Important Adjunct to Medication for Arthritis Therapy

Dr. C. Gabay etal of the American College of Rheumatology writing in ”Arthritis & Rheumatism”, September 8, 2011

report on  an  evaluation of  the symptomatic effect of highly purified chondroitin 4&6 sulfate (CS). The group studied was patients with hand osteoarthritis (OA).
In the study, patients received either eight hundred  mg CS (n=80 patients) or placebo (n= 82 patients).  The two primary outcomes looked at were the change from baseline to month six in global spontaneous hand pain and the change in hand function. Secondary outcomes considered included improvement in grip strength, duration of morning stiffness in addition to acetaminophen consumption, and a global impression of efficacy.

The results of the study were:

A decrease in global hand pain was significantly more in the CS than in the placebo group and hand function improved significantly more in the CS than in the placebo group.

The conclusion drawn was that

Chondroitin CS improves hand pain and function in symptomatic hand OA.
In addition to medication the HandTutor has been very successful in improving hand and wrist movement in patients suffering from Rheumatism osteoarthritis (OA). and many other disabilities. The HandTutor™ system is an active exercise based hand rehabilitation program that uses the accepted methods of impairment oriented training (IOT) with augmented feedback. The rehabilitation system employs the known concept of biofeedback to give occupational and physical therapists access to an affordable user friendly hand rehabilitation package that can be used to treat pain. The HandTutor™ can also be used in combination with the armtutor and 3DTutor™ for arm rehabilitation. The HandTutor™ is CE medical and FDA certified being used currently in leading U.S. and foreign hospitals and clinic.



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