ArmTutor used to increase movement ability post surgery in children

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Image by CROG Tennis Trieste via Flickr

In the Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics September 2011 – Volume 31  Dr Miller of UCLA School of Medicine Sharp Medical Clinic, Chula Vista, CA Center For Children, NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, New York and NY Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA discusses a study of  Poliomyelitis in children which can cause paralysis of shoulder girdle muscles leading to a flail shoulder.
The article stated that shoulder arthrodesis is indicated as a possible treatment for these children in order to stabilize the shoulder. The retrospective study reviewed all shoulder arthrodesis surgeries that were due to complications of polio performed at a major medical institution. The interventions were performed between 1981 and 1996.

The ArmTutor together with its sister devices (HandTutor, LegTutor, 3DTutor) has proven very effective in improving range of motion of shoulders and elbows following surgery, disease  or trauma. The innovative device is a wearable brace connected to a computer together with  dedicated rehabilitation software. The ArmTutor system rehabilitation uses the concept of repetitive exercises to the affected joint with augmented feedback. Currently used in leading U.S. and foreign hospitals the system can be administered by a physical therapist or the patient himself. It is available for children as well as adults and  can be used together with tele rehabilitation – (TR).


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