ArmTutor Assists in Enhanced Rehabilitation Following Elbow Fractures

Elbow - coude

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According to Dr. P. Harding at the Department of Physiotherapy, The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia and published in Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2011, there is a lack of good evidence to inform on the timing of mobilization, and more specifically on the use of early mobilization following non-surgical or surgical treatment for adults with elbow fractures.

High quality, well-reported, randomized controlled trials that compare early versus delayed mobilization in people with commonly occurring elbow fractures that have been treated with or without surgery are lacking. The trials should use validated upper limb function scales, with both short-term and long-term (at least one year) assessment.

The ArmTutor has been developed to afford the patient intensive computer assisted training to regain full mobility of the shoulder and elbow. Together with the 3DT Tutorthe ArmTutor will allow for upper limb (extremity rehabilitation including supination and pronation of the elbow and extension and flexion exercises of the wrist.  The HandTutor is used for hand rehabilitation following hand wrist and forearm surgery.



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