HandTutor used in Stoke Mandeville hospital spinal cord injury centre

Playing with the wet sand
Image by Funkdooby via Flickr

Individuals with cervical spinal cord injury often cite loss of hand and arm function as the most devastating consequence of their injury. Up until the introduction of the HandTutor and ArmTutor system there has been few interventions available to improve hand function in individuals with chronic tetraplegia, making this an unmet need. The HandTutor and ArmTutor are designed to improve skilled hand/arm use in individuals with chronic tetraplegia. The use of the HandTutor, ArmTutor and LegTutor have been shown to be effective in improving hand/arm function after stroke as well as benefiting individuals with tetraplegia. In individuals with stroke, intensive upper extremity skill training (massed practice) is associated with improved use of the hand. The HandTutor and the ArmTutor provide motivating intensive active exercise practice that can be customized to the patients movement dysfunction. Use of the HandTutor and LegTutor have a positive influence on function and quality of life for individuals with incomplete tetraplegia due to spinal cord injury.


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