HandTutor and ArmTutor systems used to give customized and motivating intensive exercise practice

Marlon's real-time movement composition workshop

Image by KidzConnect via Flickr

In the March edition of Clinical Rehabilitation http://bit.ly/hC2IvQ, Dr. Stephen Page and his group from the Departments of Rehabilitation Sciences, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Cincinnati Academic Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH, USA compare longer versus shorter mental practice sessions for affected upper extremity movement after stroke. The group found that regardless of dosing condition, subjects administered mental practice exhibited markedly larger score changes on both the FM and ARAT than subjects not receiving mental practice.
Mental practice can be used in Arm and HandTutor system treatments as the dedicated rehabilitation devices allow the therapists to tailor and customize the patients exercise to their movement ability. This keeps the patient motivated to continue intensive exercise practice

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