Rehabilitation outcome in traumatic and non traumatic brain injury

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Image by Old Shoe Woman via Flickr

In the February edition of Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine Dr. Colantonio and his team from the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute analyze data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information’s National Rehabilitation Reporting System on brain injuries, and inpatient rehabilitation treatment outcome. His group found that approximately half of acquired brain injury patients receiving inpatient rehabilitation had non-traumatic causes of brain injury. Traumatic brain injury patients were more likely to be younger, male, from rural areas, and to make greater gains in rehabilitation. Differences were found in the types and numbers of comorbidities. However, patients from these 2 groups had similar lengths of rehabilitation stay.
The HandTutor, ArmTutor and LegTutor physical therapy product offers the possibility to do intensive massed and motivated exercise practice and are used in both traumatic and non traumatic brain injury patients. The Tutor system is a physical therapy solution that allows MediTouch to offer rehabiliaiton clinics, private OT and PT and home care patients access to state of the art physical rehabilitation products.

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