Youngsters with ADHD exhibited more than twice the amount of unintentional extra or “overflow” hand movements

Index finger

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In joint research published in the February edition of Neurology Dr. Donald Gilbert, director of the TMS Library at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and colleagues from Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore showed that youngsters with ADHD exhibited more than twice the amount of unintentional extra or “overflow” hand movements ADHD affects about 8 percent of American children, ADHD is a developmental disorder characterized by inattentiveness, impulsiveness and/or hyperactivity. According to recent studies, two-thirds of those with ADHD also struggle with other mental health and developmental conditions such as anxiety and learning disabilities and delay in motor skill development

The HandTutor system can help to improve children’s eye hand co-ordination and treat children with fine motor skill problems and improve grip strength and improve functional performance of handwriting and cutting etc. The HandTutor provides active exercises through rehabilitation games that can train and improve the specific deficit in the ability of the child to use the appropriate grip strength thumb and index finger) to hold the pencil or pen. Fine motor training intended to improve this disability needs to work on exercises that teach the child how to balance the strength in the index finger and thumb flexor (closing) and extensor (opening) muscles.


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