Health-related quality of life in children and adolescents with stroke

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In the February edition of the Annals of Neurology Bruno Neuner, M.D., from the University of Münster in Germany, and colleagues assessed 71 preschool children and 62 school children/ adolescents who had survived a pediatric stroke, and compared them with 169 healthy controls. HR-QoL was assessed in patients and by parents or proxies using a questionnaire. The neurological outcome was measured using the standardized Pediatric Stroke Outcome Measure. The group concluded that compared to healthy population-based controls, HR-QoL was significantly reduced and the overall well-being of both younger and older stroke survivors was reduced.

The HandTutor, ArmTutor for arm and hand (finger and wrist) functional rehabilitation and the LegTutor system for hip and knee walking functional rehabilitation are used by pediatric stroke patients and cerebral palsy patients as well as adult occupational therapy  OT and physical therapy  PT departments.


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