The HandTutor system is effective in patients with significant spasticity and or tone


Image by bb_matt via Flickr

It is possible for an experienced occupational and physical therapist to reduce spasticity for short term during therapy. During the treatment the therapists encourage the patient to do intensive exercise practice. The practice is a combination of task orientated training or task specific training and virtual functional training concentrating on movement impairments (impairment oriented training) e.g. coordination provided by the HandTutor system. This intensive practice will improve the patient’s sensory motor and cognitive movement ability. Thus the aim of the treatment is to allow the patient to have the continued ability to do functional tasks when spasticity returns following treatment. However with high Ashworth score it is not possible to do task specific training. Therefore the HandTutor system allows the patient the possibility to begin to do active exercise training even when they have very limited movement ability. In cases when the patient does not have the ability to open or close his fingers then the therapist can open the patients hand when they feel the patient working with them and not against them.



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