Tele-rehabilitation as successful as out patient physiotherapy post Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee replacement : AP view (Xray).

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Trevor Russell of the School of Health and Rehabilitation Science, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia show that internet-based rehab is a viable treatment option following knee surgery. The results was published in the January edition of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (JBJS) Study Details: * The researchers enrolled 65 patients who underwent TKA and randomized them to receive six weeks of either traditional outpatient rehab services or Internet-based outpatient rehab. * For the purposes of this study, patients in the telerehab group performed their therapy in a hospital room designed and furnished to replicate a typical home environment. * Patients in the tele-rehabilitation group received rehab through real-time (live video and audio) interaction with a physical therapist via an Internet-based system. Therapy sessions were limited to 45 minutes The study showed that participants in the Internet-rehab group achieved outcomes comparable to those of the conventional rehabilitation group. The paper concludes that this study offers measurable evidence that such technology can be used to provide effective rehabilitation services for knee replacement patients.The LegTutor uses a dedicated rehabilitation software that uses motivating games that can be customized to the stage of rehabilitation and the patients movement ability post TKR. The LegTutor encourages both open and closed kinetic loop active exercises.


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