Live Independently After Stroke

Housewife in the Kitchen of Her Mobile Home in...

Image by The U.S. National Archives via Flickr

In the August edition of the Lancet Neurology Dr. Stinear of Auckland Hospital Australia discusses predicting recovery of motor function after stroke. She states that “The ability to live independently after stroke depends largely on the reduction of motor impairment and the recovery of motor function.” In order to do this we need to offer patients stimulating intensive active exercise practice.
This means keeping them motivated to do the exercises on a daily basis. It is therefore our responsibility to provide them with innovative rehabilitation tools that facilitate this goal and that are cost effective.

The HandTutor system can be used for both neurological and orthopedic patients that have hand movement dysfunction. The HandTutor system has been proven to improve motor function and all the patient to better do functional everyday tasks.


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