Evidence Update on Stroke Rehabilitation

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The 2010 Evidence Update on Stroke Rehabilitation – Mobility published in the NHS evidence library can be found at http://www.library.nhs.uk/stroke/ViewResource.aspx?resID=393578 In the review Dr Sarah Tyson, Reader in Rehabilitation, University of Salford, did not find evidence that warrants a change in the NHS Evidence Update on Stroke Rehabilitation – Mobility of 2009 http://www.library.nhs.uk/STROKE/ViewResource.aspx?resID=331167&pgID=1

In the 2009 evidence update Dr. Tyson states that UK Stroke physiotherapy needs to urgently explore ways in which exercise and intensive task-specific functional training (TSP) can be utilized within their practice in preference to Bobath based interventions. It is increasingly difficult to justify the continued use of the Bobath Concept and its associated treatment techniques.

A Bobath approach to rehabilitation does not allow the patient to practice a functional task until the patient has firstly mastered all the components of the functional task in sequence.

The HandTutor system allows the patient to repetitively practice virtual functional tasks and is used in conjunction with TSP. The HandTutor system is being used in hospital clinic, community and the home care environment. www.HandTutor.com


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