Charting Progression of Disability in Parkinsons Disease (PD)

The image shows dopaminergic pathways of the h...

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In an upcoming clinical trial Dr Dibble from the Department of Physical Therapy, University of Utah together with co-workers from University of New England, Washington University in St. Louis-School of Medicine and Boston University will chart the progression of disability in Parkinsons disease (PD). Their interest is to evaluate the influence of sustained exercise and physical activity on disablement. The research will look at community dwelling persons ≥ 40 years of age who have neurologist-diagnosed idiopathic PD.

The HandTutor system is used by PD patients. The virtual functional upper limb exercises are customized to the patient’s movement ability. In this way the biofeedback system is used to motivate the patient to continue doing active hand movement exercises. The HandTutor system is used in clinic, private Physiotherapist and occupational therapist offices as well by the patient in the home care environment.


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