Measuring Computer-Based Vision Restoration Training

In the September 2010 edition of Neurorehabilitation Dr Poggel and her team at University Magdeburg Germany detail Subjective and objective outcome measures of computer-based vision restoration training
The team concludes that the patients subjective improvement in impairment can not be inferred by objective changes in the visual field.
Both neuromuscular and visual rehabilitation are thought to be achieved through cortical reorganization and neural plasticity.

In addition improvement in visual impairment and neuromuscular ability both result in an improvement in the performance of active daily living tasks and patient quality of life.

The HandTutor achieves functional neuromuscular rehabilitation by encouraging intensive repetitive exercise practice and uses motion feedback to teach the patient how to move their hand again by encouraging neural plasticity. The dedicated rehabilitation software provides the therapist and patient with objective proof of movement ability.


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