Interventions to Promote Upper Limb Recovery in Stroke Survivors

In the October edition of Disability & Rehabilitation Dr Hayward of the Division of Physiotherapy, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia presents a systematic review of interventions to promote upper limb recovery in stroke survivors with severe paresis. He mentions that newly developed interventions that enable stroke survivors to attain a level of movement ability that will enable the patient to participate in task–oriented practice.

Use of the HandTutor in both rehabilitation clinic and home care settings has shown that the virtual functional tasks included in the dedicated rehabilitation software of the HandTutor system allow the patient to do intensive active exercise practice even when presenting with severe paresis. The HandTutor together with the ArmTutor and LegTutor is a physical therapy solution that physiotherapists and physical and occupational therapists use in clinic to motivate their patients to do customized exercise practice. An example of a  customized exercise is a reach and grasp movement where by the range of motion for the movement, speed and accuracy of the movement is set up using the dedicate software in the Tutor system according to the patients movement ability. This information is transferred into a game like interface and the patient performs many repetitions of the movement through the game according to their  movement ability. The Tutor system and the dedicated rehabiliation software can be used by the patient in their own home as the physical therapy solution can be purchased by the patient and supported by tele-rehabilitation. The main factor for improving movement ability and functional outcome is to keep the patient motivated and move their movement ability to a level that will allow them to integrate task specific practice and ADL activity into their rehabilitation schedule. For more details of the MediTouch physical rehabilitation solutions see WWW.HANDTUTOR.COM and .


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