7 Rehabilitation Exercise Features

The HandTutor glove and dedicated rehabilitation software for finger(s) and wrist fine motor skill rehabilitation works within all the acceptable principles of neuromuscular rehabilitation:

1. The exercise tasks adopt a virtual functional approach.
2. The exercises are customized to train deficits in motor abilities or motor impairments including speed, range and co-ordination of movement.
3. Exercise training customized to these movement impairments improve functional ability.
4. The HandTutor is suitable for a wide range of neuromuscular hand movement dysfunction.
5. Dedicated rehabilitation software uses motion feedback to train proprioception which plays an important role in movement control and is often affected by musculoskeletal and central nervous system damage.
6. Adaptation is avoided as the virtual functional exercise tasks can be varied.
7. Intensive repetitive exercise training with motion feedback allows the brain to compensate for the lost function through neuromuscular plasticity.


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