Demographic Data on Head Injury in Children – Pediatrics

A recent paper in Pediatric surgery summarizes US demographic data on head injury in children. The paper written by Dr Hamilton of Saint Louis Children’s Hospital, Saint Louis, Missouri can be found at


The paper states that head injury occurs frequently in childhood and results in approximately 500,000 emergency department visits and over $1 billion in costs annually.

Nearly 75% of these children are ultimately diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury with long term consequences. The consequences of brain injury can be arm and hand movement dysfunction.


The HandTutor is a breakthrough biofeedback and hand exercise rehabilitation system.

The HandTutor is easy to use, safe, reliable and affordable being used worldwide by Occupational and Physical therapists and home care patients. It is suitable for children and adults with hand dysfunction due to CP stroke and brain and spinal cord injuries. It is used in the acute and chronic phase following injury in both clinic and the home care environment.


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